Julianne Westberry: Cats from the farm ready to begin a new life

This is the first time since the Julianne Westberry case began on June 18 that I’m able to bring the readers of PoC good news. LOTS of good news. I’m happy to report the cats taken from the farm belonging … please continue reading

Best Disinfectant for Feline Viruses

Thirty-five commonly used disinfectants were tested in a study published on Europe PubMed Central. They were tested for their “virucidal activity” (their capacity to destroy or inactivate viruses) against: feline rhinotracheitis virus (a herpesvirus – FHV). Herpes virus is the … please continue reading

2014: Current Cat World Records

This is a list of the current cat world records at April 2014 (published today July 6th). The reason why I am checking out these records is because I wanted to see whether the world’s tallest domestic cat was listed … please continue reading