Pet Poison Control Hotline Will Cost you $35-$65 for the Call

I am not kidding you. Animal Poison Control Hotlines charge money just for information, a lot of money and it’s sad. Ok, now I understand it cost money to run these things but we are talking about information that people … please continue reading

Love Cats But Are Allergic To Them. Are There Hypoallergenic Kitties?

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How Do You Stop Your Neighbour’s Cat Entering Your Yard?

Your neighbour does not care that her cat constantly comes into your backyard and attacks the birds that you are feeding with a bird feeder and even terrorizes your dogs. There is an 8 foot wooden fence between you but … please continue reading

Why Are the British Considered to Be Animal Lovers?

Aside from the fact that the British created the world’s first animal welfare charity in the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA), I would like to briefly focus on the character of the British to see whether people’s … please continue reading