Pakistan: Ahsan ul Haq – caretaker of a colony of feral cats

By Ahsan ul Haq I am a caretaker of a colony of 21 feral cats and a few of their kittens. I have gone through a terrible experience with 4 abandon kittens and out of which only one is left. One … please continue reading

Cat Shelter Forcibly Repossesses Cat Adopted From Them Seven Years Ago

St. Francis Animal Rescue (SFAR) is a no-kill animal rescue shelter founded in 1992 by a group of women caring for a feral colony who decided the need was there to help abandoned, stray and homeless cat located in their … please continue reading

Domestic Cats and Cougars-The Catastrophic California Drought

Is the California drought as bad as it looks to an outsider? The online media paint a very bleak picture. I have just read that Western USA has lost, in this drought, 63,000,000,000,000 gallons (63 trillion) of groundwater which has … please continue reading

Another Sanctuary For The Asiatic Lion

Hundreds of villagers are being forced out of their homes in central India to make way for a new Asiatic lion sanctuary in an area where the animals were hunted to the brink of extinction in the nineteenth century. The … please continue reading

The World’s Most Hypoallergenic Cat

When we describe a cat as “hypoallergenic” we do not mean that that cat is guaranteed to cause no allergic reaction in people because the word “hypoallergenic” refers to a sliding scale. The prefix “hypo” means “less than” so the … please continue reading