Is Punishment Appropriate for Cats? What are Better Training Methods for Felines?

When kitty is behaving ‘badly’, in order to quickly ‘correct’ this unacceptable conduct, far too often owners will resort to punishing their cat. One of the most popular methods used is the ‘tried and true’ squirt bottle. And even though … please continue reading

“..cats had eaten other cats” – update on cat hoarder Julianne Westberry

This is an update on the tragedy that befell the cats belonging to Julianne Westberry. More information has been released, but the investigation is continuing. This is a very, very disturbing situation, so if you get upset easily, please don’t … please continue reading

Cat Owners Unwittingly Support the Manufacture of Poor Quality Cat Food

Jo Singer’s article of today once again made me think about why pet food manufacturers, anywhere, have for decades turned out cat food which is not entirely suitable for the domestic cat. Many cat health problems stem from commercial cat … please continue reading