Re-Wilding The Jaguar In the USA: The Impossible Dream?

Corazón, a beautiful female jaguar, has been poisoned to death and her cub, as a consequence, starved to death. They lived on a reserve in Sonora, north-western Mexico, just below Arizona in the USA. Corazón had wandered to a place … please continue reading

Genetic Makeup of Calico Cat Fur May Help To Save Human Lives

The temperamental behavior of calico cats has been greatly maligned and misunderstood. These felines are thought to be feisty, stubborn, willful and even arrogant. Some folks in fact, refer to these beautiful cats wearing their striking coat color (albeit often … please continue reading

Cat Displacement Activity

Cats have various displacement activities. They include: grooming nose licking tail wagging People also engage in displacement activity. It is very commonplace. It results from indecision and uncertainty. The indecision may arise because there are two or more choices and … please continue reading

Anxious Cats Often Encounter Their 1st Human In Their 9th Week

A kitten that does not encounter a human until his or her 9th week or later is quite likely to be anxious when near people for the remainder of his life. Scientists have come to the conclusion that cats need … please continue reading

Maine Coons: Lena and Jack

Lena and Jack are siblings. You can tell the gender of these cats from their facial expressions and appearance. I think you can. Their respective sizes are also a factor. I don’t know much about these individual cats. The picture … please continue reading