June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month: The Purrfect Time for a New Feline Friend

One of the cheeriest songs in the 1945 musical extravaganza “Carousel” written by Rogers and Hammerstein is the hit tune, “June is Busting out All Over”. Although this creative, dynamic duo’s upbeat and joyful song is about the birds, the … please continue reading

The Seemingly Irrational Social Behaviour of the Domestic Cat

Dr. Michael J Fox, a well known veterinarian and anti-declaw advocate, adopted two cats with the assistance of his wife, Deanna Krantz. One, who they named Twain was “truly feral”. The other, Pinto, was a lost stray. He adopted Twain … please continue reading

Health: Can The Life of a Domestic Cat Be Too Sterile?

What I mean is this: is a domestic cat exposed to enough microbes and germs in order to keep both his immune system and his gastrointestinal tract (GI) healthy? With respect to people, there is evidence that germs from family … please continue reading