Attention-seeking Cat Behavior

Have you experienced attention-seeking behavior from your cat? You might not have recognized it. Cat behaviorists do, however, refer to it. A cat may exhibit attention-seeking behavior when she/he does not receive an adequate amount of stimulation. This would mean … please continue reading

Will stoppage of long term benefits increase cat relinquishment?

In the United States, federal long-term unemployment benefit that was instigated by president Bush is to be stopped this Saturday. It is a generous welfare benefit and stopping it will severely affect about 1.3 million Americans initially. The numbers will … please continue reading

“Active Cat” – Inherited, Learned or Stimulated?

Is there such a thing as an active cat breed? Can you group cats into active and inactive? I am not sure that you can. Although cat breed personality descriptions are notoriously variable, vague and imprecise, the Cat Fanciers’ Association … please continue reading