An after Christmas miracle for Jiggles

By Elisa Black-Taylor Jiggles is a two­ year­ old male cat who resides in the Marietta area of upstate South Carolina. Early in December, his pet parents experienced what every owner of a cat who ventures outside fears. Jiggles went … please continue reading

Apply the meaning of Pope Francis’s speech to the world of cats

Pope Francis, in his first Christmas address, urged non-believers and people of other faiths to join in a global fight for peace in the world. The Syrian war is at the top of the agenda. The children being killed there … please continue reading

Outdoor cat house. Do you have a use for one?

Do you have a use for an outdoor cat house? I know a person who does. Dorothy Wandruff (DW), a regular contributor to this site, lives in sunny California. She uses outdoor cat houses for cats she cares for, which … please continue reading