How To Keep Cat Fleas Away

Making the home a place that is hostile to the cat flea, eggs, larvae, and pupae is how you keep cat fleas away once you have got rid of them. The ideal combination is a Sphynx cat (hairless) and a … please continue reading

Chartreux Cat Personality

This article is about the personality of the Chartreux cat. The reason why I am writing this is because Gloria visited the Chartreux Owner page and agreed with the author that the Chartreux has a particularly good personality (“They are … please continue reading

Did you know Diana Ketcham?

Diana Ketcham was a determined cat rescuer: The Catnip House, Cat Rescue. She lived in Arkansas. She was on disability and funded her cat rescue with donations. I am sure it was a struggle. She had a 2 acre place … please continue reading