Photograph of World’s Most Expensive Cat

Here are three photographs of the world’s most expensive cat as decided by Guinness World Records. My reasons are set out below. Please remember that the photo is copyright protected. According to Guinness World Records, the world’s most expensive cat … please continue reading

How Many Animal Shelters Have Quarantine Rooms?

Quarantine rooms are obviously important for cat shelters where lots of cats are together in a relatively small space which promotes the transmission of disease. If you adopt a cat from a rescue center should you ask whether they have … please continue reading

Kittens Born Under 100 Grams In Weight Are Killed At Shelter

A new policy of euthanizing (in this instance better described as killing) newborn kittens that weigh less than 100 grams has been implemented at Greenville County Care Services (GCACS). This page analyses the policy to see if it is accurate … please continue reading

Grooming Competitions: Cats Are Different To Dogs

America has just had its Intergroom International Grooming Conference in New Jersey, USA. A Photographer, Paul Nathan, was there photographing the contestants. Professional grooming competitions like this take cat and dog grooming to new heights or lows depending upon your … please continue reading

Amputee Travels over 1000 Miles To Adopt Another Amputee

Brian Gentilotti lives in Massachusetts. Brian lost his right leg because of a motorcycle accident in 2006. He elected to have the amputation because there were complications in repairing his leg. Brian was volunteering for a children’s camp for kids … please continue reading