Anxious Cats Often Encounter Their 1st Human In Their 9th Week

A kitten that does not encounter a human until his or her 9th week or later is quite likely to be anxious when near people for the remainder of his life. Scientists have come to the conclusion that cats need … please continue reading

Maine Coons: Lena and Jack

Lena and Jack are siblings. You can tell the gender of these cats from their facial expressions and appearance. I think you can. Their respective sizes are also a factor. I don’t know much about these individual cats. The picture … please continue reading

“I think animals make people better,” Frank Fantini (record store employee)

“I think animals make people better,” Fantini said. “It changes the store. They make it more of a calming place.” I have written about placing shelter cats in workplaces before and I have also presented pictures of cats in workplaces … please continue reading

East Valley Competes With West Valley Animal Shelter, LA, For Best Looking Rescue Cat

This is a bit of news from two animal shelters in Los Angeles, USA. They both have a rescue cat that is particularly attractive. They are both featured in the Los Angeles Daily News. At the West Valley Animal Shelter, … please continue reading