Do cats feel guilty when they’ve been bad?

Can cats feel the emotion of guilt? Most cat companions have experienced this: you leave the room, and soon you hear the sound of breaking glass. When you investigate, your cat is standing in front of your favorite collectible looking … please continue reading

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death…

There is nothing so pleasant as living with a cat and having him near you while busy and at rest. There is also nothing so motivating to get well during a serious health scare as the desire to not be … please continue reading

The truth about treating cat ear mites

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Cats and people like a soothing sense of community

Fundamentally cats and people like the same things. Here’s a little snippet of information which tells us that we are like cats in many ways. We know that cats rub themselves against us and objects in our home to deposit … please continue reading

Stella Gaylor: An Interview with an Exemplary Breeder of Maine Coon Cats

I promised to interview Stella Gaylor, an experienced, knowledgeable and responsible breeder of Maine Coon cats after reading the many thoughtful comments and questions on my blog about Persian cats. Stella Gaylor’s reputation as a responsible and ethical breeder and … please continue reading

How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page?

How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page? There should be a simple answer. However, clearly, a lot of Facebook users have not found the answer simple. A lot of people who have Facebook accounts appear to have set … please continue reading

Cats make people laugh – cats and social networking

The chief operating officer of a company called Viral Spiral, which is a content management company, said that cats were popular because they made people laugh. I’m not sure that he is completely correct. There is no doubt that cats … please continue reading