Birds Are Not More Important Than Cats

Birds are not more important than cats

Libby Watson writing on coins a term which I like: birdheads. It’s a derivation of ‘petrolheads’ (car lovers) and it is very apt. It applies to ornithologists and people such as Jonathan Franzen, an American novelist and essayist, who … please continue reading

Have they found the Croydon Cat Killer?

Rusty one of the cats killed in Northampton

We have a snippet of confusing information from the BBC website about the arrest of a 31-year-old man who is suspected of killing and mutilating five cats in Northampton but the Met police, the primary force investigating the Croydon Cat Killer, are unaware of the arrest. It was thought that the five cats were killed by the Croydon man. Sounds strange. Police laziness? please continue reading

Chester, SC: Volunteers threatened with arrest for trespassing when they showed up to check on the shelter animals

Concerned with dogs left out in the cold, volunteers showed up at the Chester County Animal Shelter on Monday to check on the dogs under the care of the shelter. Officers with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office showed up as … please continue reading

NC kitten rescue: This procedure was used to successfully ‘thaw out’ frostbitten stray kitty

This is the story of Nativity Grace, a kitten abandoned in a store parking lot in 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature. I realize this is a long article, but PLEASE take the time to read how Marleen Jenkins and Janelle Scere handled … please continue reading