Oldest Big Cat Fossil Found

Through the discovery of a big cat fossil deposited by a river in the north slopes of the Himalaya range, Central Asia, scientist can roll back by millions of years the time when big cats first roamed the planet and … please continue reading

A cat should never be disturbed while toileting on a litter tray

A cat should never be disturbed for any reason while toileting on a litter tray. Here is a really nice example of how things can go wrong. Serena Cuthbertson’s cat, Fantasia, was ill and her vet prescribed pills. Serena had … please continue reading

Feline Psychogenic Vomiting and Regurgitation

Humans will understand this condition. You are stressed and very frightened. You feel physically sick. That is were it nearly always ends. Although not having any clear outward signs of being stressed, a small percentage of cats who lack confidence … please continue reading

Declawing created a cat from hell

This is a very instructional video about the impact that declawing can have on a cat’s behaviour and health. It is such a classic. A genuine cat expert, Jackson Galaxy (exotic name, sensible thinking), properly analysed this sweet looking Himalayan … please continue reading