USA: Pet cat kills pet cat. Man kills cat.

WDRB 41 Louisville News This is a little snippet of an American cat story. You would never see a story like this in the UK or even Europe. “Pets” were going missing in Indiana. A couple were concerned that their … please continue reading

Your cat scratches your neighbour’s car. What next?

Your cat, who likes to wander around the neighbourhood, jumps onto your neighbour’s car because the engine is still warm. The bonnet (“hood” in the USA) is warm. Your cat misjudges slightly and grabs using his front claws. Or, perhaps, … please continue reading

Newborn Puppy Adopted By Siamese Mama Cat

By Elisa Black-Taylor A Siamese cat living in Liverpool, UK, named Coco is now the proud parent of a Shih-Tzu puppy named Hope, who was rejected by her dog mother Diamond. Hope’s owner, David Cohen, was persuaded by Coco’s owner, Paula … please continue reading