It’s about time cities looked at licensing cats. Discuss

We are discussing the USA here. Calgary does it. Winnipeg is thinking about it. What do cat owners think about it? I am certain that most cat owners don’t like the idea of licensing cats because it curtails their freedoms … please continue reading

UK: 37,000 Abandoned Animals in 12 Months

Even in Britain, a nation of animal lovers, some people treat their pet like a piece of rubbish – trash. Going away on holiday? Can’t afford a cat or dog sitter or boarding cattery fees? Just throw your dog away … please continue reading

Calming Collar: Learning From Amazon?

Would you buy this product? I am not pocking this product! “Pocking” means criticising products and people on PoC. There are many cat products on Amazon. It is possible – if care and skepticism are exercised –  to get some … please continue reading