Marketing jewellery with the help of cats

I think I like this, although I expect some cat lovers won’t. The photograph is, of course, copyright protected so I admit to being naughty in publishing it here but…it is interesting (complaint?: please comment). The is one of a … please continue reading

Veterinary consultations via Skype for tablets and smartphones?

A form of “Telemedicine” (video consultations) for cats should be considered by veterinarians. What I am thinking of is: a veterinarian providing a consultation over a video call using Skype or some other video conferencing software on a smartphone or … please continue reading

Oncilla mates with Geoffroy’s cat and mated with the pampas cat

The oncilla in the south of Brazil currently mates with Geoffroy’s cat (L. geoffroyi) creating a hybrid, while the oncilla in the northeast of Brazil in ancient times mated with the pampas cat (L. colocolo)¹. Currently there is a relatively small overlap … please continue reading


By Sarah Hartwell When cats are bred for appearance, disease-causing genes risk being overlooked until the gene becomes sufficiently widespread that numerous cases of the genetic ailment appear in that breed. There are a number of factors involved: THE FOUNDER … please continue reading