Cruel cat experiments just so scientists can keep their government funding

UW-Madison (the University of Wisconsin–Madison) has conducted ghastly experiments on the brains of cats for the sole purpose of maintaining and perhaps enhancing government funding via the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Apparently, the experiments resulted in no actual … please continue reading

Fireworks kept my cat in but he learnt to use the litter

Charlie, my cat, is terrified of the sound of fireworks. Even distant thumps make him look wide-eyed in terror. His ears are permanently pricked up or swiveling to locate the the source of the sound. Some cats are much less … please continue reading

Turkey’s cats are largely respected thanks to practicing Muslims

If you are Turkish and a true adherent of the Islam faith you’ll treat all cats well because you’ll follow the ancient Hadiths of the Islamic faith.  Also, with Turkey developing Western ideas about animal rights amongst the educated, urban … please continue reading