Italy: Where fox hunters shot a domestic cat in a village garden

On June 16th 2013, there are eye witnesses to the fact that fox hunters in the Italian Province of Rimini, while hunting for a fox at night within the boundaries of the village of Gemmano, shot a domestic cat (Sandy) … please continue reading

Americans Prefer Dogs to Cats?

Americans much prefer dogs to cats according to what seems to be a professional run poll, yet there are more domestic cats than dogs in the US. There are an estimated 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats1. The difference … please continue reading

Churchill and Roosevelt Loved Cats. Hitler and Napoleon Hated Them.

The title is a sentence from Tom Cox’s book “The Good The Bad and The Furry“.  Tom Cox likes cats and lives with cats. He also writes in his book: ..people who hated cats were often control freaks who think … please continue reading

Do cats like certain people because of their body scent?

Whether a cat likes or dislikes a person is partly based on the person’s scent (body odour). I have had this idea for some time. I have no science to back it up because there is none. We know how … please continue reading