North Ridgeville Kitten Killer: Update

By Elisa Black-Taylor This is an update on the North Ridgeville humane officer who is accused of killing five 8-10 week old kittens on June 10, 2013. This article chronicles events beginning on the day the kittens were killed and … please continue reading

Americans Treat Their Pets Like People. Discuss

“There’s a lot to love (and dislike) about both nations; both nationalities. You can’t generalise, and you can’t stereotype.” (person commenting on USA and UK on BBC America website) I agree with the comment. Ruth Margolis writing for BBC America … please continue reading

Kittens Born Before Mother (Queen) is Spayed

This comment by Gabriel Altunel highlights a problem: Our little girl Cinnamon has given birth after the two months she’s been with us while we were trying to look for a spaying center. We are not thinking of giving them … please continue reading

NY Senate passes bill S2305A for state animal cruelty registry

According to WKTV News, the New York State Senate has passed legislation requiring animal abusers who violate Buster’s Law to register with the division of criminal justice services. Known as S2305A, the new bill also requires abuser to undergo a … please continue reading