Savannah Cat – Elegant, Tall, Inky Spots

This is a photo by the famous Helmi Flick of a beautiful Savannah cat. I don’t know from Helmi’s description on her photo gallery what generation from the wild this cat is. Looking at her (I think she is female), … please continue reading

Dangerous Poop: Cat’s versus Human’s

Are you getting tired of the media’s obsession with the “dangers of cat poop”? Every few months a “staff member” of some online newspaper writes about cat feces and toxoplasmosis. Almost invariably there is exaggeration and never are the dangers … please continue reading

USA: The Irish Inn – Cat Friendly

The Irish Inn is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast situated within the Shawnee National Forest. The interior is excellent. The exterior is excellent. They like cats. The accept cats. What more do you require for a cat getaway? 😉 This … please continue reading