Strange Hoarding Case Leads To Arrests In Laurens, SC

By Elisa Black-Taylor There’s an animal hoarding situation coming to an end less than an hours drive from where Laura and I live. I’m not even sure whether I should call it hoarding since almost all of the animals were … please continue reading

Are Police Officers Sufficiently Animal Orientated?

Is the personality of the typical policeman suitable for dealing with animal cruelty cases? How seriously are cases concerning crimes against animals taken by the police? In the UK, the RSPCA investigate and bring prosecutions, in animal welfare cases, which … please continue reading

Supernormal Stimulus and Cats

Cat breeders are trapping themselves….by breeding emotionally desirable cat features, consciously and subconsciously. It’s part of the need for emotional onanism in humans. Cats that trigger their own parenting instincts get more nurturing, and are then often used to breed … please continue reading

Large Eyes of Pedigree Purebred Cats

Pedigree, purebred cats have inordinately large eyes. Not all the breeds have the same overly large eyes, but even breeds, such as the Abyssinian, that are meant to be “balanced”, have unnaturally large eyes. Let’s not forget that cats already … please continue reading