Biocontrols on rabbits may cause feral cat predation on endangered species

Does the large scale killing of rabbits in Australia to protect the landscape cause feral cats to switch prey and commence predation on native, endangered species? The authorities don’t know. A study is being set up to find out. please continue reading

Trump administration promotes trophy hunting in Africa including lions

Cecil the Lion savages Palmer in Halloween Costume

It’s unsurprising but Trump has done something terribly wrong. He has undone the work of former president Obama in restricting the importation of hunting trophies from Africa. Quietly the US Fish and Wildlife Service have lifted a ban on the … please continue reading

Photographer recreates Philippe Halsman’s Dali Atomicus without the cats

Dali atomicus

Photography aficionados will remember the famous Philippe Halsman photograph taken in 1948 called “Dali Atomicus”. It is a surreal black-and-white photograph of very high quality and pictures Dali in mid-air as are all the other objects in the photograph including … please continue reading

Famous basketball player admits defeat in ownership of two Savannah cats

Ben Simmons and his Savannah cats

Ben Simmons, a well-known and talented basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers adopted a second Savannah cat which proved to be a terrible mistake as they became unmanageable. Despite being a huge fan of animals he decided to relinquish both … please continue reading