Cats without Microchips in “Ecologically Significant Sites” Will Be Euthanized

New Zealand Cat

This is another idea to try and reduce the predation of domestic cats on wildlife in New Zealand. New Zealand has a similar policy towards domestic and feral cats as they have in Australia. Currently being discussed by Auckland’s council … please continue reading

Cat shelters become unregulated ‘commercial suppliers’ to pet shops in California

Clowder of rescued cats

The new Californian law which makes it obligatory for pet shops to obtain supplies of animals from shelters and rescues (as opposed to puppy and kitten mills) has had an unforeseen consequence, namely that shelters which are unregulated have been … please continue reading

Good Dog Helps Kitty By Removing Cup From Her Face

Dog helps cat remove cup from her face

Is this dog’s intention to remove the cup from the cat’s face or to retrieve an interesting looking object which is moving and which happens to be on a cat’s face? The former will elevate the dog to human status and the latter will keep the dog where he/she is, an animal behaving instinctively. please continue reading