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Most veterinarians have ZERO training in nutrition — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this information from Dr. Jones. I shared on Facebook. I doubt if vets would go out of business, since the majority of people won’t feed their pets a proper diet, or eat one themselves.

    I read a statement by a vet recently that said many of her clients were feeding a better diet, and she was seeing less sick animals. She commented that it wasn’t “a good business model”.

    If I were a vet in this case, I would start learning more about pet nutrition, and add that to my practice. This needed, and when a service or product is needed, people will support that business.

    As more people become aware, they will seek out vets who know about nutrition. Most people don’t have time to do the research, and will rely on the “professionals”.

  2. Because of their lack of knowledge they easily fall for the pet food manufacturer`s claims of food specially prepared for kidney health, liver health, even designed specifically for certain breeds, when they all pose the same health risks and poor nutrition caused by high carbohydrate and plant protein content instead of high quality meat. They then pass on this nonsense to pet owners who believe they are getting good advice from an “expert”. $$$$

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