Mother cat and four baby kittens rescued from underneath an escalator in underground London

A mother cat and four baby kittens living underneath an escalator at Moorgate Tube Station in underground London have been safely rescued. The little family would have been killed if the escalator had been in operation.

mom and kittens
Mom and kittens rescued (RSPCA)
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When workers renovating the station in Underground London found the little family they quickly called in animal rescuers to rescue them from the Crossrail known as the Elizabeth Line. Test runs were due to start at 6 p.m. so it was necessary for animal welfare officer Siobhan Trinnaman to move quickly.

Siobhan said in an interview with Daily Mail UK

“It’s very dangerous for cats as it’s where the mechanism is to run the escalator. They were very concerned that if they remained there and the escalator was running they would be injured or killed.”

The four little kittens were so young their eyes were still closed. The mother was nowhere to be found at the time her family was taken to the charity’s centre at Harmsworth Animal Hospital (RSPCA).

The mom was successfully trapped a short time later and she was soon reunited with her newborns. Now the staff is trying to find the owner because the mama cat was wearing a collar but she wasn’t microchipped.

The RSPCA has already posted an update saying mom and kittens are doing well (Facebook video may be slow to load)

A poster was put up at the station in hopes someone will step forward. Siobhan said it’s extremely unusual to find a cat in a station. Other than a slight cut to her nose the cat is in good health.

The hospital staff has named her Elizabeth after the new line. Her kittens, three males, and one female are now called Bow, Colin, Dale, and Earl after Bow Road, Colindale and Earl’s Court.

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