Mother cat at NC shelter steps up to nurse orphaned puppies

This is your feel-good story for the weekend. A mother cat at a North Carolina shelter is credited with caring for a litter of newborn puppies.

Mama cat steps up to save orphaned puppies (Photo by Joey Prince)
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The sweet mama cat pictured above is currently in the care of Columbus County Animal Control. The Whiteville shelter staff received an emergency call asking for their help after a mother dog died giving birth Friday morning.

Five newborn puppies were taken to the shelter and were placed with a mother dog with two-week old puppies. The mom allowed the pups to nurse, but the older pups were very active and the shelter staff was scared the newborns would be injured.

A momma cat stepped up and has been taking care of the puppies until a rescue group can arrive to take them and give them the care they need.

Thank you, Joey, for sending such a sweet story.


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