Mother wrestles mountain lion in garden to save seven-year-old son

A mother bravely fought a mountain lion with her bare hands after it attacked her seven-year-old son.

Chelsea and Zack
Chelsea and Zack. Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS.
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The mother, Chelsea Bromley, heard Zack’s cries. She rushed into the garden at their Lake Cowichan and home on Vancouver Island. She saw her son pinned down by the mountain lion. Its jaws were around her son’s arm.

At her local church where her brave deed has been described as a miracle she told parishioners that in that moment when her son was being pinned down by the cougar she was totally focused on protecting him.

“Then my shoes were flying”, she said. She ran to tackle the mountain lion. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She prised Zack’s arm from the cat’s jaws. She struggled at first to open the jaws but the cat eventually gave up. Zack incurred only minor injuries to his arm, neck and head. Chelsea also suffered minor injuries.

Chelsea’s husband, Kevin said that his son was wearing a hooded top and loose clothing. The young mountain lion locked onto the clothing more than, his son. He said that the cat “put a really big gash in the crown of his head”.

Zack understands that he was near death. “He’s old enough to grasp that. It’s a big pill to swallow, to digest that mentally.”

A conservation officer, Ben York, said he did not recommend that people, “intercede in a cougar attack, but who would tell a mother that? Her actions probably saved her son from further injury.”

Conservation officers tracked down to mountain lions in the area and killed both of them sadly. They couldn’t be sure which one was responsible.

“They had very little in their stomachs so we’re supposing that they are siblings who have been without their mother for a period of weeks to months. They have been running and working together. If one was showing this behaviour, there is a 99% likelihood the other would to.”


It appears to me that the people who shot these mountain lions are trying to justify what they did. I understand completely the motivation for killing the cats but it is upsetting. They were no doubt hungry judging by the fact that their stomachs were empty.

Very rarely, mountain lions attack people. There have been very few attacks over many years in America but when they do attack they tend to attack children because full-grown adults especially males are probably considered to be too difficult to attack by a cougar. Cougars are quite retiring animals. They have domestic cat-like qualities.

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4 thoughts on “Mother wrestles mountain lion in garden to save seven-year-old son”

  1. I totally agree. Relocation would have been the correct procedure. No reason to kill these possibly confused mountain lions. They are being pushed to the limit in their struggles to survive. People just do not get it. 😠😱😭

  2. Now this is where the issue lies. It’s with the humans living so close and taking over the animals land to begin with. They should have relocated the lion after checking it over to make sure it was not old or sick. Now they have killed two and because of ignorance of the human species! Yes, he may have attacked for whatever reason but to kill is not logical. Have the human species not killed enough of their kind over the years. Our species really is fucking stupid. They just want to kill every animal in existence. They only care about themselves. They don’t think about the what and the why.

    • I agree with you as usual. It’s the fault of people all this. But the mountain lion is punished with their lives.

    • I totally agree, relocation would have been the correct procedure. No reason to kill these possibly confused mountain lions. They are being pushed to the limit in their struggles to survive. People just do not get it. 😠😱😭


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