Motzie and 3 Little Feral Kittens

by Deborah-Ann Milette
(New York, USA)

Motzie and Martin's Fury aka Peas & Nuts on leash and harness outside.

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Motzie and Martin's Fury aka Peas & Nuts on leash and harness outside.

This is basically a log about Motzie and some kittens we/he found and came to live with us till homes were found. It also disproves any Savannahs being aggressive and if raised as they should be, they are actually very loving and become so-called father figures to other babies when no female is present. When I was walking Motzie he spotted rustling in the bushes. I knew a gray calico was wandering the grounds as well as a Tux cat (black and white), sexes unknown.

Well lo and behold the above were not neutered or spayed and I am dealing with 2 beautiful kittens about 3 months. One is black and white the other is a beautiful calico. Needless to say my boy Motzie is not very happy. I would love to keep the calico but my lease doesn't allow over 2 animals..

Figures suggest that ALL shelters are full and excess will be destroyed, I am asking if anyone would like one of these precious babies; I have one more to capture and since the shelters are overloaded they are destroying excess felines all because of the economy.

Well I think many of you can tell by now that I sincerely prefer the bigger cats to these small little buggers that are running around this house. Motzie went into the parent mode and actually cornered the witchy calico female and took her by the scruff of her neck and brought her back to her cage. Then he chased the boy, Alberto back into the cage. I felt like I should be yelling some sort of cowboy baloney when this was happening, but I think my jaw was hanging to my kneecaps over Motzie's actions.

I hugged him and thanked him and he climbed to the top of his cat tree and sighed and is now sleeping. Me, I am waiting for the next kitten bomb to drop, just how do you breeders deal with
this yearly? Glad I am not the breeder type, I am cured of any thoughts!

Thought you deserved an update on my boy and his new room mates. I have stopped allowing him to catch anymore feral kittens, he has enough to deal with in the house. The calico has certainly turned up the charm when Motzie goes and sits in their cage, she reminds me of my strip-joint serval Cleopatra. She purrs and kneads the carpet and head butts Motzie and he takes it in stride by washing her. The boys (yup the Tux cats are both boys) look to Motzie for play and simple rough housing. Alberto now thinks that running full speed up and down the hall with Motzie loping after him is a cool game. They are slowly becoming house cats and Alberto demands attention from me at night and snuggles in my arm while I read a book at night, the whole time purring so loud that I tend to loose concentration while I am reading.

Today was a belly splitting afternoon for me and looks of what some people may think was horror on Motzie's face. I decided to allow the kittens (all 3) to have full romp of the house for a while. I opened the door and Motzie went in to visit and then came out and meowed to me as if he was done visiting them. He laid down in front of the door as if to guard it and of course the calico was the first to come out because she wanted to mush up to her boyfriend Motzie.

When she came out so did the 2 boys (yes the second is confirmed a boy) and suddenly Motzie was up on his feet and doing all kinds of cat meows and oversized purrs to the kittens. To me he was pretty much meowing "Hello!" as if to tell me to get with the program Mom they are loose!

Of course they headed in different directions and Motzie had a look like just what do I do! So he got Icy the second Tux cat in the living room and then went looking for Alberto and got him in the living room (the whole time the little girl was following him like a puppy). When Alberto was in the living room Icy went flying by Motzie running over the calico and then Motzie was in hot pursuit. After about an hour of watching this crazy babysitting game that Motzie thought he really had to do, I rounded up the babies and locked them back up and Motzie flopped on the floor panting like he was out of breath!

I looked at my boy and asked him what he was going to do then his brother arrived, Motzie huffed and meowed "Oh no" and went in my bedroom and fell asleep.

This will be the final log on Motzie and his "instant family." The little girl is now living in Woodstock, CT with my adopted sister. Sadly I did have to bring the boys to the shelter because Alberto who I had great hopes for being the most tame was the one who wanted to be dominant. Well, you may want to be dominant in this house, but in the end "Godzilla," Motzie will be the only one standing and will be the dominant one. The little shrimp of a stinker made the mistake of growling at Motzie as if to challenge him, WRONG! Motzie instantly fuffed his tail his fur went straight up along his spine and he began to stalk Alberto - all serval traits.

Icy knew the signal and immediately ran to the litter box for comfort. Alberto stood his ground I would say for about 3 seconds, have to admit that may be the record for a kitten and Motzie. He disciplined this guy with serval piffs (several paw smacks within a span of seconds, servals can hit a human 3 times with their paw in one second) and Alberto flew to the litter box! After that Motzie was pacing back and forth past the door of the room. I made the decision to remove what may be a future problem for my Savannahs' sake.

So people will not wonder what happened, I took them to a no-kill shelter that had opening and the boys were adopted the next day.

But Martin's Fury arrived last night so I am now back to my 2 feline limit and quiet in the home. It will take Motzie several days to go back to his old routine with his replacement brother. Martin's Fury is absolutely adorable, a snuggle bug and motor boat, so not all is lost.

Deborah-Ann Milette

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Motzie and 3 Little Feral Kittens

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Oct 21, 2009 Hi Maizey !!
by: AnonymousB.Shaw

Have heard about Motzies adoption of these babies and I wondered about the tinys. Glad the boys got homes and the girl is close by Motzie for now.

Oct 19, 2009 Maizey has enlightened my life
by: Patricia Coleman

I am Deborah-Ann Milette's adopted sister who owns the Tortie that we named Maizey because she has the colors of Indian corn. What ever Motzie taught her, he gave her the ability to love us, make us laugh, be very silly and come when called. After finally meeting Motzie for real at a show I understood why my precious feral baby caught by this BIG man of a cat and yet was so gentle with her left Maizey with her own gentle touch. I had listened to my sister's stories of how Motzie brought these 3 kittens into the home and even to this day Maizey still remembers him and purrs like a motor boat. She will miss his visits when they move but life will go on and Motzie's beautiful traits will live on in Maizey. I thank you Motzie your one amazing cat!

Jun 10, 2009 Reflexes Of Feral Cats
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Just today, Wednesday(10-6-2009) I was astonished to see a feral cat just near my residence in Mumbai (India) escape being over-run by a vehicle just by its 'cat reflexes".

I was returning home on my cycle and a vehicle was in front of me travelling slowly and all of a sudden a cat chased another below the tempo and quickly returned ,just as the aft wheels missed running over it. On seeing the cats run under the vehicle i thought to myself that a smashed cat would wind up below and was really happy to observe both escape death by a fraction of a second.

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