Mountain Lion Meets Himalayan Cat

This is interesting. There is genuine interest by the puma to interact with the Himalayan cat (a purebred pointed Persian) and vice versa. The Himalayan does not look frightened. One factor for than may be due to the double glazed window between them! There are actually two cats. The other one, a moggie, joins in after the puma has gone. He’s not as bold as the Himalayan.

Mountain lion Meets Himalayan
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Mountain lion Meets Himalayan Cat

The husband is genuinely interested too while the wife is scared for the safety of her family. ‘Oh my God,’ said Melanie as she absorbs what is unfolding. Then she remembers the children, ‘Where are the kids?’
‘They’re out back,’ husband replies. ‘Tommy, are you kidding me?’

There is quite a nice range of emotions and reactions in this encounter from cats and humans alike. I always feel for the mountain lions. I feel sad for them. I love mountain lions. I prefer them to Himalayan cats!

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It does not look like the mountain lion wanted to attack the domestic cat. The meeting was almost like two domestic cats meeting for the first time. The puma hissed and the Himalayan was just interested. For a moment, the puma looked more anxious than the Himmie. The difference is size was probably not an issue for the Himalayan because they are used to living with huge cats (us!). Domestic cats see us as cats.

I am sure there are many examples of pumas preying on domestic cats but I have never heard of them. I don’t recall seeing one in the online media. Pumas are a bit like big domestic cats in some ways. They can’t roar and some of the sounds they make are very domestic cat-like.

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2 Responses

  1. Dee (Florida) says:

    I believe that I would have reacted as the wife did.
    It’s awesome, but a true confrontation of the two cats wouldn’t have been good.

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