Mountain lion tracks – detailed discussion and video

Here is a pretty full discussion on mountain lion tracks. It is from the standpoint of a person who loves the mountain lion and protecting it. I think people should enjoy the presence of the puma and seeing their tracks. It is nice to live in harmony with this impressive predator. I know that many Americans like to hunt the puma and I have to think of farmers and predation on livestock. But my wish is that humans try and find a way to live in harmony with this cat rather than enjoy killing it. I mention this because I guess tracking pumas by recognising their pawprints is one factor in finding them to kill them. Why not ‘shoot them’ with a good SLR camera and a 500 mm lens rather than a rifle? Far more constructive and pleasant.

TikTok video from ‘desertrelic’ (Elizabeth)

Here is a nice video from a person who appears to be respectful of the puma. She’s my kind of person. Respectful but not fearful. Knowledgeable and interested in learning. She enjoys the desert. I would too if I lived there.

Here are some stills from the video.

Mountain lion pawprint

The paw of the cougar or mountain lion looks like this:

cougar paw

The photo of the cougar’s paw above is by guppiecat (new window). To me it shows why the fourth toe pad (near the ground in the photo) doesn’t show sometimes in tracks or is less pronounced – it sometimes protrudes a little less.

Kim Cabrera says this about the mountain lion paw print:

  • the two front toes are not lined up at their tips as is the case for a canine track (e.g. wolf). The longest toe is the same as our longest finger on our hands (although this varies in humans). You can tell whether the track is from the left or right leg. As the toes taper back at the outside edge of the paw if the tapering is on the left, the track is made by the left leg and so on.
  • the leading edge of the pad behind the toes (heel pad) has an indentation.
  • while the back edge of the heel pad has two indentations.
  • front paw tracks are usually larger than those made by the hind legs.
  • the toe pads are tear drop shaped.

mountain lion tracks
The above picture is extracted from Texas Parks and Wildlife field guide (I provide a link in thanks and acknowledgment), which says that large hunting dogs can leave tracks bigger than those of the mountain lion but the heel pad of a dog is smaller. Another distinguishing trait is that the Mountain lion’s toes are tear drop shaped as mentioned and spaced widely compared to the dogs more rounded shaped toes and which are less widely spaced. Also, dog tracks normally show nail marks while the mountain lion doesn’t unless running. A cougar’s nail marks are also sharper and narrow than the dog’s.

Mountain lion tracks leave a heel pad track that is 2-3 inches wide (front) and 1.75-2 inches wide for hind legs. A particular characteristic is the three distinct lobes divided by two indentations of the hind (back) edge of the heel pad. Bobcat tracks are considerably smaller. The front being rarely wider than 1.25 inches.

Here are a series of photos of paw prints taken in various places by different people:

mountain lion tracks 1
The photographer says that these tracks were in the the Santa Cruz mountains. The cat was probably moving briskly as these are claw marks.
mountain lion tracks 2
Some more mountain lion tracks in Santa Cruz mountains.
by sbisson
mountain lion tracks 3
Photographer (Love Earth Photography) says, “They look like mountain lion tracks in the snow! Grace Lake in Shingletown, California”.
mountain lion tracks 4
As for the picture left.
mountain lion tracks 5
Mountain lion tracks? Photo by BM01
mountain lion tracks 6
Photo by s_mestdagh – taken on the photographer’s property – Boulder, Colorado
mountain lion tracks 7
As above right.
mountain lion tracks 8
Wonderfully clean tracks in the snow. These seem to be perfectly formed tracks with even the subtle indentations  on the paw pad visible.
By Debbie_V
mountain lion paw print
The photographer describes this as a mountain lion paw print.

Pawprint in rock

mountain lion tracks

Photo by intuitive cat published under: Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic CC license. These tracks seem to be set in rock. The photographer says, “these are about 2.5 to 3 inches across. Mule deer tracks can be seen on the right “. The photograph was taken in Zion National Park (marked by the red push pin on the map below):

Map picture


Where are you likely to see mountain lion tracks? Well, this cat’s distribution or range is very wide, the widest of all the cats in the Americas. See map below. The picture is a thumbnail so please click on it. It is published under Wikimedia® creative commons license = Attribution-ShareAlike License. The author of the original uncropped version is: Zoologist (new window).


It can be found in the following countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, United States, Venezuela.

I am indebted to the following in preparing this post on mountain lion tracks:

  1. Flickr photographers
  3. Wild Cats of the World
  4. Texas Parks and Wildlife
  5. TikTok lady Elizabeth

…thank you.

Please tell me your experiences in a comment

A word about hunting

What to look for when searching for mountain lion tracks? First please note this. If you are learning about the tracks of this big cat for hunting purposes, I beg you to reconsider. Hunting is prohibited in much of South America and California but population numbers are declining because, in part, hunting is legal in much of western US. They are basically persecuted by people. This cat is often relatively small (in Colorado males weigh about 60 kg = 9.4 stones, the weight of a smallish woman in America) and can be chased away (and if you think that you have to defend yourself from an attack). Plus, they are gentle cats and inclined to run from humans not attack. Better to enjoy its presence in the wild rather than kill it for pleasure. Finally, attacks are extremely rare: 14 in 117 years in California, for example (see Mountain lion attacks in California).


The mountain lion has several names as you might know. It can cause confusion. Other names are:

  • Puma (the more scientific name and one used by the authors of the book, Wild Cats Of The World)
  • Cougar
  • Panther, although this is used generally to mean a cat of uniform colour and mainly the black (melanistic) leopard. The name Panther became corrupted to Painter in the southern states of the USA.
  • Lion (by Spanish speaking people in South America)
  • Catamount (after “cat of the mountain”)

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