Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

This picture was added by Michael. It is  puma cub. Copyright Stockxpert.

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This picture was added by Michael. It is puma cub. Copyright Stockxpert.

Years ago while hiking in the Red River Gorge I got to a rock outcropping and saw something the size of a large dog sunning itself. As I approached, it jumped up and bounded away soundlessly, simply vanishing. Soon after that while visiting a zoo I saw a mountain lion, and immediately recognized it as the animal I had seen in the woods!

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Mountain Lion

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Dec 09, 2010 This week-end I plan on killing my first Mountain lion

I spend 8000.00 a year for my Deer lease and countless hours and money spent on feed, feeders and stands. I love deer hunting and all that goes with it. I have noticed over the past 2 years our game is disapearing. Wild turkey have all but vanished from my lease. I worked hard for 10 years to manage the deer hurd keeping genetics and age. doe to buck ratio and large breeder bucks in tact. only harvesting old declining bucks and spikes. Now I'm finding young trophy bucks dead on our lease. Why? because a preditor mountain lion has moved in on my turf. Last week I had a run in with a mountain lion at my stand, and my daughter had one show up at her feeder. I have called the game warden; and he simply said for me to do what I need to do with the cat. He also said many ranchers in our area would appreciate me taking the cat or cats out. After researching the Texas mountain lion I have found that the large preditor cat has made a significant comeback. They are all over south and west texas. There is no building or vast growth in the area of Texas that I hunt. So the hurd must be managed.

Sep 26, 2009 The gorge
by: Michael

Here is as picture of Red River Gorge by a Flickr photographer

red river gorge kentucky

Sep 26, 2009 Thanks
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I just wish you had shared a bit more! But it is really nice to hear from someone who has had a "wildcat experience" and is willing to share even if it is a very brief one.

I suppose the telling part of this story is the fact that the mountain lion just cleared off. They are shy retiring animals so for people to shoot them in so called defense should be very rare indeed (there are some but very very few attacks on people).

I sense that there are some people who are a bit trigger happy and too keen to prove themselves with a rifle against an animal that is no bigger than a small women. Although I have never encountered one I do not believe that they are dangerous. It is well known that they can be frightened off.

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  1. On Nov. 3, 2012, my son & I were riding the trails in my Jeep Wrangler up to Santiago Peak in Cleveland National Forest. We were on Bedford trail coming from Corona. On a small hill rising up to our right my son said, “Look, an animal”. I stopped the Jeep, we both stared as the animal stared back. About 150 feet away was the profile on a Mountain Lion. It looked young, no more than 3 to 3 1/2 feet in length.

    After approximately 30 second, I slipped the Jeep into gear and we slowly started to move. Only then did the cat move on.

    Will be something my son and I will remember forever. I want these animals to survive so generations to come can enjoy their beauty!

    • Great comment. It seems many Americans love the mountain lion. It surprises me therefore why quite a few Americans like to shot the mountain lion for fun having chased it up a tree with a pack of dogs.


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