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Mountain Lions Are Frightened Of Humans — 3 Comments

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  2. I agree-humans have so inbred and overbred, the planet itself is in dire straits. Mountain lions are such beautiful cats. Many years ago, when we first moved our family to the desert, there were several mountain lions that strolled through our property on their way elsewhere. Every few months I would see the tracks of one or another. We had horses, goats and chickens and the big cats never bothered any of our livestock. Unfortunately, paid hunters wiped them out over the years as the area became more populated. I would much rather have the big cats back than most of the neighbors I am afflicted with at this time. They have no concept of animal and land care.

    • Well said Susan. It must have been great to see those mountain lions. Why do we have kill beautiful animals? The more beautiful they are the more we want to kill them and own them. I don’t hate people. I like a lot of people but I despair at the human race. For me, as a species, humans are a fail. And mountain lions have learned to e fearful of us. This is correct because we are dangerous.

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