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Mountain lions live in the Ozarks of both Missouri and Arkansas — 3 Comments

  1. yes, seen 3 different sightings, so did husband, in elkland mo., just near olive mo., off of 38 hywy, back in late 2016, or 2017, on way to work, goin north, , lots of woods, homes, and pastures., , early morning hours, but broad daylight., lying mdc., they have been lying for years, and about everything really., we need updates on these and bears to from different states, and current sightings, updates, thanks for tellin it like it is, mdc, would rather we didn’t hunt, or defend ourselves, put us all and pets in danger for there lies.

  2. Interesting information. I guess it’s no surprise as that we encroach further into their territory with our buildings and farmlands, that they are moving farther afield for somewhere else to live.

    • Human settlements have forced the puma from the East of the USA but they appear to be making a comeback in mid-America (and even the East coast almost) which is against what the experts state when they draw up the puma distribution map.

      I like the opinions of first hand observers on the ground. I value them more than expert opinion.

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