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Mountain Lions Versus Coyotes — 6 Comments

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  3. ruth and michael,i agree with what you both said.lions are the only cats that opperate in a pride,but that is to bring down prey much heavier and bigger,but other cats such as cheetahs operate and kill alone because it ensures a better survial rate for that type of cat even though cheetahs have been known to go after prey twice their size with success.the same goes for puma,jaguars,and tigers,but it is sad to hear about a tiger being killed by a pack of wild dogs because a tiger is a far more superior animal when it comes down to defending themselves(tiger vs. dog)than a single dog of any size or breed.

  4. In my opinion,pound for pound (if you put a 100 lb cat against a 100 pound dog)the cat will always win.A cat is faster,more agile and has more defences than a dog.

    • Agreed. It is just the pack hunting instincts of dogs (and gangs of idle youths!) which are dangerous. I remember a sad story of a tiger being killed by a pack of dogs. The tiger killed many of the dogs but they kept on coming. They wore the tiger down and killed it.

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