Mountaineering domestic cat grooms himself at the top of Poland’s tallest mountain

Mountaineering domestic cat
Mountaineering domestic cat – screenshot
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Among other tourists/climbers, a Polish guy reached the top of the 2500 meter-high Rysy mountain where he came upon a ginger tabby cat calmly grooming himself. He was somewhat surprised but had the presence of mind to make a short video. The video shows this handsome tabby behaving as if he is in front of the fireplace at home. Below him is a magnificent vista which he doesn’t seem to be appreciating!

People are speculating as to why the cat was there because he looks distinctly out of place. There is, however, a small tourist hut just below the peak so he may have come from the hut. But this doesn’t answer the question fully because somebody appears to have brought the cat to the hut and where is that person?

Cat on top of Polish mountain
Cat on top of Polish mountain. Screenshot.

As you can see from the video, Wojciech Jabczynski did not disturb the cat while he made the video. He is obviously used to people being around and is untroubled by strangers approaching him. He looks very healthy and well looked after. So the mystery remains as to what he’s doing there.

The video went viral to a certain extent and some people, rightly, were concerned about the cat’s welfare. They suggested that he should be taken to a cat shelter because where he is now is not completely safe and in any case what’s he going to eat?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the climbers provide this cat with treats such as the content of their sandwiches and lunch boxes. Perhaps he’s just eaten something because cats frequently groom after eating.

He is not the first mountaineering cat:

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  1. Why jeopardize this cat by taking him to a shelter? 😰 He probably has a human companion living nearby. He is obviously well taken care of by someone and loves life just the way it is. 😊


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