Mouse eye view of being chased by a domestic cat

Mouse eye view of being chased by a cat
Mouse eye view of being chased by a cat. TikTok video screenshot.
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This is not a mouse burrow or hiding place and the cat is not chasing a mouse! But it must be something like it and the point of view of the camera is very much like that which a mouse would have if he was in his burrow being chased by a domestic cat. For me it’s quite an interesting video from that standpoint, in a light-hearted and amusing sort of way. It’s not often we get this point of view. It’s well done. We know how cats like to bring mice into the home and sometimes release them when the mouse runs under a piece of furniture where it hides. The cat prods under the furniture with his forepaws trying to get the mouse. The view is what a mouse would see when hiding. If they are lucky they’ll be rescued by the cat’s human guardian. Or they’ll starve to death under the furniture or be gobbled up in about 60 seconds by the family cat.

Sometimes videos such as the one above stop working after a long period of time for umpteen different reasons and if this has happened I apologise but I have no control over it.

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