by Pat
(East TN)

A sweet little kitten showed up on our front porch meowing loudly as though asking to come in.

There was no doubt this was a very young kitten probably dropped by someone passing by. My first reaction was to take it to a shelter, but after my son’s pleading, we agreed to keep him until my son moved. (He was recovering from an illness and unable to live alone at the time.)

Subsequently, when our son moved, he took Moxxie with him. Letting him go was a difficult pill to swallow because I had become very attached to him.

We see Moxxie from time to time when we visit our son in another state. Currently we are cat sitting Moxxie and Maggie, a cat our son already had, while our son is on a long bicycle ride. It is such a pleasure to have him with us again and I know we will miss him when he leaves soon.

We didn’t have any idea what breed Moxxie was until I just happened to see a cat show on TV last week that featured the Norwegian Forest Cat.

There was no doubt that our Moxxie is a Wegie! He has all the characterics and markings. We wondered why he had so much fur between his toes, but now know the reason.

Ironically, we have come to the conclusion that the cat my parents had for several years must have also been a Wegie because of his markings and characteristics.

Moxxie is a pleasant, loving and beautiful cat who gives us much pleasure.


Moxxie to Norwegian Forest Cat

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Dec 04, 2010
They adopt us
by: George

Yours is a touching story. Moxxie decided yours was the place he wanted to be and he adopted you and your son. There are so many stories on this website of people who were adopted by cats that it makes you realize that cats choose to be with us.

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