Mr. B placed with foster family that ‘hasn’t just dealt with these issues in other cats, they have embraced them’

According to an update by Morris Animal Refuge, Mr. B, a 26-pound kitty up for adoption at a Philadelphia-based rescue, has been placed with a foster family. PoC wrote on Mr. B here.

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Update: Mr. B has a forever home with foster family (Morris Animal Refuge)
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The Facebook post reads

“Mr. B received over 3,000 applications and inquiries! Our small, but mighty, staff has been working tirelessly to place Mr. B in the best situation possible.

Mr. B has some underlying health and behavioral issues that will need exceptional care and attention. Because of this, we have placed Mr. B with one of our dedicated foster families who has experience working with cats that have behavioral and medical issues. This family hasn’t just dealt with these issues in other cats, they have embraced them.

Big-boned BeeJay
Big-boned BeeJay

We will continue to work with this foster family to help them work through Mr. B’s issues. While the goal is to make this Mr. B’s forever home, the family will be able to provide him with a safe and comfortable environment while we learn more about him and his needs.

We want to thank everyone again for the enthusiasm for Mr. B. While we wish we were able to respond to everyone individually, we are a very small staff and don’t have the bandwidth to do so. We will keep everyone updated throughout his journey on our social media accounts!”

This is probably the best outcome for Mr. B. The big guy needs a family with experience on cats with medical needs. So many issues can come up that the average cat owner may not have the experience to handle.

Meeting medical needs should be handled under veterinary care and a foster-to-adopt home is the best choice. I’ve seen way too many people turn to Facebook for medical advice about their cat. An experienced family know what qualifies as an emergency and what doesn’t.

The Morris Animal Refuge Facebook community page says they’ll keep everyone up to date on Mr. B in his new home. We can all hope this is Mr. B’s forever family.

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