Mr Jinks Needs a Home

By Leah

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a loving permanent home for this little man. I’ve been feeding him as a stray for the past year but I can’t let him in because my cat hates him. He has a shelter outside.

Mr jinks a cat that needs a home

Mr Jinks a cat that needs a permanent home

I didn’t see him for a few days then he suddenly came limping over to me and I could clearly see he had broken his front leg. X-rays showed 2 bad fractures and (thanks to Walsall Cats Protection, God bless them) he has undergone an operation to repair it.

He has an external fixator and they tell me it should heal. When he is healed (or if you can take him before) I desperately need someone to give him a loving permanent home. He is so loving and gentle and he doesn’t deserve bad things happening to him.

All the costs have and will be borne by Cats Protection therefore I am doing a sponsored slim to give as much back to them as I can as its all costing about £800 so please sponsor me with an amount (no matter how little, whatever you can afford) in a comment below. I start today and finish on the 25 April. The gym I go to will monitor my progress so you know I won’t be fibbing!! lol.

Will you please, please ask everyone you know who loves cats?

Thanks so much



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  1. what a great cause just read the article properly ill donate some money nxt week. Hope it goes well. such a great fundraining thing.

  2. He is beautiful, if i wasnt soooo far away id take him Just love black and white Kitties. Hope someone can have him and give him a forever home.

    • Leah, Just a quick note to say that the reason why your comment was held for moderation was because it contains 2 links one of them an e-mail address which counts as a link and when the software sees a link it presumes that the person making the comment is spamming. Clearly you are not but that’s just to explain what happened.

  3. Hi everyone

    Thanks so much for your kind words I can’t tell you how I felt when I saw him his leg was just hanging and I knew straight away what had happened 🙁

    I blame myself because I hadn’t seen him for a few days even though he was eating his food. I should have known though because every morning he would jump on the conservatory sill, I would open the blinds and then see his darling little face peering at me. You know he is so brave; I scooped him up and bought him in while I went to get the cat basket out of the garage. He never spat or anything even in the vets he just snuggled into me and looked up with his sweet trusting little face. He is a little angel and it broke my heart when I saw him. Breaks my heart still when I think he couldn’t jump on the window sill or up into his bed in the cat pen.

    Thanks everyone who has said they will donate; anything is appreciated for the Cats Protection; they didn’t hesitate when I asked for their help. I will leave my bank details with Michael and my email address in case anyone wants to donate another way other than online banking. There is of course Paypal and my email for payments into it is

    Marc thanks so much any amount is appreciated and £25 is very generous.

    Love to you all and I know you will say a prayer for his return to health.

    • Leah, Thanks for leaving contact details and I wish you the very best of luck. And of course I wish Mr jinx the same amount of luck. You have done a very good job with the help of Cats Protection. He is a great looking cat. He looks very healthy actually.

  4. How kind of you Leah, Mr Jinks is gorgeous and I can understands you wanting him to have a loving home of his own, poor little soul what an awful accident, you must have been so upset about him, we’ll be in touch x

    • Thanks Barbara

      I was heart broken 🙁 I was about to go to work but I just called my colleague and told her to cover me while I took him to the vets I wouldn’t have done anything else because he deserves nothing less. We have both fallen in love with him and I would love him to become a member of our family however I have to be sensible because I believe in insurance, jabs neutering etc I don’t take short cuts where my family are concerned.

      Thanks again for anything you can afford.

  5. Good luck – Mr Jinx is beautiful – he’s young looking. I’m sure you will find him a nice home.

    How do we sponsor you? I just donated all my money but I could probably manage about £25 or so.

    Well done for doing the right thing. Mr Jinx is lucky to have you – he will have a nice life because of you.

    So let me know where to do the sponsor thing.

  6. Bless Mr Jinx, I hope he gets a good home.
    Babz and I have had a conflab and we will send you what we can as a donation asap.
    GOOD LUCK with your sponsored slim xx

  7. Leah, please remind me where you live. You might also like to provide some contact details in your comment in response. I wish you the very best of luck in finding a home for Mr Jinx.

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