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Ms Coco Chanel or Our Hershey Bar Kitty

Ms Coco Chanel or Our Hershey Bar Kitty

by Kay Zirkel
(Benton City, WA USA)

Coco at 3 months of age

Last spring (2009) our friend rescued three kittens. All of them were varying shades of brown. Rich dark brown points with slightly lighter brown bodies. As the kittens grew I adopted one female (now spayed).

Another friend adopted the other female also now spayed and our friend kept the male. He has long hair like a normal Persian while the sisters have very thick mink texture coats.

Many people have asked what kind of cats are they and could they buy one.

We all agree to answer the same thing when asked about our special kitty, "These kitties are really special they are called Moggy and you can own your very own by going to your local shelter and picking any of several wonderful.."

There is a special Moggy who is waiting for a loving person to take them home.

Stray cats and kittens are just like us a wonderful blend of ethnic treats and backgrounds. Got a picture of your special Moggy? We would love to see it.


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Ms Coco Chanel or Our Hershey Bar Kitty

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Apr 20, 2011
Coco and her Gifts
by: Kay

Hi everyone, I have been really busy this past winter here on the farm. Now that spring is sort of here I have a New dilemma with Coco. She has taken to catching mice and bringing them in to the house and turning them lose alive!!!. Needless to say I am not exactly pleased with her presents to me. So I thought of my friends at Poc and am actively seeking advice from any and all of you. Coco and her dogs have a dog door that they all use through out the day and night. I have tried closing up the dog door at night but, she and our dogs have had me getting up four and five times a night to let them out. I just can not keep this up as I need some real sleep. Any other suggestions out there?? Thanks Kay

Apr 30, 2010
Beautiful Coco
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Indeed she is. I hope Kay will posts some more pictures soon... 🙂

Apr 30, 2010
So pretty!
by: Alba

Coco is entirely gorgeous 😀

Also, I love your answer for people inquiring.


Jan 01, 2010
Thank You
by: Kay

Lab Jack, Tara her Skippie in the background12/31/09

I love your slide show and the video. Since I am a writer and artist by design and am also retires to my farm I have time to really enjoy my wonderful world of animals.

I am so very happy to be a small part of this group.

Thank you all on your comments to my Coco and may everyone have an amazing 2010 Kay and Coco in Washington state USA


Dec 31, 2009
Special cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Kay. What a beautiful colour. Your Coco is a great looking cat, who truly demonstrates the points you make. Moggies are special.
There are so many great cats to be found at the shelters, and the moggies in all their diversity are no less than any purebred. Actually the mixed breeds often live longer because of less inbreeding.
Many people come here claiming their shelter cat to be a specific breed - with no papers, but only the looks to support it. Maybe some shelters think their cats are more easily placed when labeled with a breed name? Without papers they can only make guesses anyway, and it makes no difference to the cat whether it's a Havanna or a mixed breed semi-longhair.
Sure, most of us are a little curious about what's in the mix, and I suppose you too have made some guesses about Coco's ancestry because of her fine mask. 😉
Maybe she had a purebred grandparent, but she herself is a very special Moggy displaying the characteristics of a ethnically diverse cat. And she is lucky to be adopted by somebody who appreciates her for what she is.
You can see my Moggy if you look up 'Don't Forget the Elderly Shelter Cats' in the Moggie section and 'My Snow White is Not a British Shorthair' in the Forum. She is very special too.

Dec 29, 2009
Well Said
by: Michael

I couldn't agree with you more. Moggies are the best for me and there are many moggies that are as beautiful as the most beautiful purebred cat.

Go to my YouTube Channel: Broadsurf

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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