Mum mistakenly buries a cat thinking he was her own

Can you believe this cat story? I struggle to. In short, a woman buried a dead cat believing he was her own but then a while later, on the same day, her cat, Tom, ambles into the house.

She was so confident that her cat was dead and buried that she announced it on Facebook. This was followed by an embarrassing retraction:

Woman buries wrong cat

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Woman buries wrong cat

Unbelievable? It seems to be almost impossible but perhaps I am not giving enough weight to the way a distraught person can distort what’s in front of them. How many times have you seen a dead cat lying on the ground near your home? I have seen one over decades. What are the chances that the dead cat that you have seen has exactly the same appearance as your cat?

The odds of both these events coming together are very remote. Also the only way a cat could be killed unexpectedly is on the road or perhaps by deliberate poisoning. We don’t know if this lady lives near a road. But this adds to the unlikeness of the story.

I believe it is very unlikely that a person would mistake the identity of cat under these circumstances. When you bury a cat you have plenty of time to look at him/her. Tom, her cat, is a tabby-and-white with clear and positive facial markings. But as I said perhaps she was distraught and lost her sense of reason.

Her son posted and amusing tweet about this:

Woman buries wrong cat

If it is fake news then it would have been done to get views and seek five minutes of fame.


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  1. Unusual indeed. I had an orange tabby when I was young. He was hit by a car down the street from my house. My husband brought him home and we buried him. Several times after that, I saw another cat identical to him and wondered if we buried the wrong one. I’m going to venture to say no because the other cat never got close enough to pet.


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