Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat

Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat

by Rudolph.A.Furtado

Kitten Matata at 7 1/2 months of age.

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Kitten Matata at 7 1/2 months of age.

Kitten Matata at 7 1/2 months of age resembles more of a toy-breed dog rather than a traditional Persian cat (doll faced). He follows us around the house, plays with his ball and is a total glutton akin to most dogs. He is overweight due to excessive eating and right from birth was the "Alfa- kitten" amongst the litter of 6 kittens, also being the "First Born".

His body configuration is absolutely true to the Traditional (doll faced) Persian type of cats, short and stubby legs. Is he just a freak amongst the litter as are "dwarf cats'?

He is extremely handsome and his fur is in excellent condition although he is bred in the hot humid climatic conditions of Mumbai city, unlike the cool climates from where these cats orginated.

I hope to breed a Mumbai Traditional Persian cat breed, acclimatised to Indian conditions, but, with all the characteristics of the "traditional Persian cat".

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Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat

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Jan 10, 2011 Mumbai traditionsl persian cat.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Kirti, i haven't personally stayed in Delhi although i understand that Delhi's climatic conditions are extreme's, cold in winter and hot in summer. Persian cats are from cold climatic conditions and since i am successful at breeding them in Mumbai's humid climate i presume Delhi would be suitable, although the summers are hotter than Mumbai..

Jan 10, 2011 climatic conditions
by: kirti

would delhi whether be ideal for persian cats

Aug 15, 2010 Persian male 4 mating
by: Rameez

I have a pure brown persian male,available for mating purposes...ne1 interested,then mail me at or call me at 9821282369..
Conditions vl b discussd later..m in mumbai

Jun 13, 2010 want a male persian
by: sam

i got a female persian cat i want a male persian help me out mail me if ne 1 hav it at

Dec 23, 2009 Well , I'll be
by: Jan Plant

As I posted earlier ,I went on line to get a look at these cats and here he is.Although I was hoping for a face shot,this is great also.What a gorgeous coat!And quite a hefty cat.Let us know how the breeding goes.I would love to see the new kittens.Thanks for sharing!

Nov 12, 2009 Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat
by: Micheal

Hi Rudolph, I changed the title because I think you have hit on something that I find interesting and thank you by the way for your post. I hope that you don't mind. Because I changed the title I also moved the post to the Persian cat page.

It could be argued that India (well Southern India) should create its own sub-breed of Traditional Persian cat, as you say, because the coat and indeed the body conformation of the Persian cat is not suited to the hot and humid climate of Southern India.

Although the north of India is more like Persia (Iran) with the mountains etc. so the Persian would be at home there.

The Persian cat is meant to come from Persia (Iran) where the climate is generally cold winters and hot summers so the thick coat would be suitable for the climate.

But Mumbai is not Persian cat conditions! So, it would interesting to speculate on an Indian cat fancy (Indian Cat Association - ICA) creating a new sub-breed of Persian cat with a single coat and a more slender body (foreign type); in short the Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat.

The Abyssinian cat is meant to have originated from an area not far from Mumbai and its coat and body conformation (foreign or slender) is more suited to hot weather.

Is it time for the hot weather Persian?! Matata is gorgeous looking. The coat colour is very nice. I see you have a nice cool marble or travertine floor. Matata is a bit tubby which also makes her hotter I guess. My cat is overweight too. I have put her on a diet all her life (17 years) but she always beats me in discussions about food. In fact she always beats me on any subject.

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