Munchkin Cat Galadrial

Jane Pauley (cat quotes). You cannot look at a Munchkin in the meerkat position and not smile.

Munchkin cat standing on hind legs

Galadrial – photo copyright Helmi Flick

The quote on the photograph comes from Gloria Stephens, Legacy of the Cat, a fine book on the cat breeds – highly recommended. The Munchkin is shown in all colours, all divisions and all categories. Anything goes in respect of the coat. I must have said it before but this cat is not a small cat – it is a normal sized cat. It is a dwarf cat but this does not mean small.

It means short legs. The legs may be as short as five inches1 (shoulder blade to ground). Cats of this breed remain athletic. Some people say as athletic as a cat with normal leg length. This may be true but if we compared on the basis of averages then the Munchkin would be a lesser jumper because of physics.

There is less leverage in a short leg. So an agile Munchkin would out jump a lazy cat with normal legs. This is a controversial cat breed. Some people adore them while others strongly disagree with breeding a cat with a genetic abnormality. The mood has changed over recent years and the dwarf cat family of breeds has faded away. I believe that people are turning away from cat breeds based in physical abnormalities. There is a greater focus on health in cats in the 21st century.

Whatever your views on dwarf cats, the Munchkin is a very sweet looking cat. Galadrial is a calico – tortie and white. See another Munckin cat picture.

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