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Murderer owned a ginger cat and that fact helped convict him — 7 Comments

    • Bearing in mind that cat hair is present throughout the home of a cat owner I am hoping that its presence will be a preventative measure making potential criminals think twice before committing a crime but that may be a little bit far-fetched!

    • I am hoping that cats living with potential murderers will stop the owner becoming a murderer for fear of being caught because he is carrying around on his person cat hair 😉 I think I’m being a little bit too optimistic.

  1. I think that it is fascinating and wonderful that cats can help solve a crime such as murder.
    I just wish that I could fathom what color cat hair would help solve a crime committed against me. None, I guess.

    • I like the story because the cat is being indirectly useful. The one downside for me is that criminals who own cats might abandon them.

      I am upset that criminals own cats. All cat caretakers are good people 😉

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