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Museum display of stuffed tabby cat next to line of 34 stuffed birds is objectionable — 2 Comments

  1. Having observed 2 dozen cats (my own) closely, daily for as many years, none of them were this prolific. Indeed the few who did chase/catch/kill anything, those numbered less than a handful over all those years. Again, almost all of them never even chased anything. So yes, the bulk of the story, the truth isn’t being told. People are still being lied to and misled.

  2. This argument that cats destroy birdlife become an urban myth, similar to vaccination cause autism.

    Every day I drive on the Highway around 6 miles between two towns. I see in average 20 birds every day dead on the street – killed by cars.

    As well in the last 3 years, a substantial number of trees was cut in my subdivision and all the neighbours’ subdivision. By the owner and when I am asking, they say because the trees block the sun. Trees are the living environment for birds and later the people are wondering, that they did not hear so many birds anymore – and blame the neighbours cats.

    The argument for example in New Zealand for example, that Cats are not native. What is true. But Mice and Rats are neither, they come only 100 years before the cats to the Islands. What would happen to the eggs in birds nests when mice and rats would reproduce without any enemy (here are no Snaks, etc)?

    Cats will more likely hunt mice, rats, sick and old birds. Mice and Rats eat eggs and that has a larger impact on the bird population.

    TNR Programs are still the best choice to maintain the cat population and keep the advantages regarding mice & rats control maintained by such cat colonies.

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