Music For Cats And July 4th Fireworks

by Elisa Black-Taylor


Cat + Fireworks=Terror!

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Cat + Fireworks=Terror!

Good morning readers. Music for cats is going to be one of those fun stories where we can share thoughts and ideas on ways to entertain our cats when we just can’t be there for them. Especially with July 4th fireworks just around the corner.

Several months ago Michael wrote an article called Valium Cat. This story went into detail on how cats suffering from anxiety are given low dose Valium as part of treatment.

Today I want to tell the readers about a much safer treatment of anxiety in cats. It’s music for cats and apparently there’s a whole new market just loaded with music that cats find relaxing.

I went online and listened to some music provided by Dr. Jon (the vet) of recommends music as a tool to relax cats during fireworks displays. Which is very important as the July 4th celebration in the U.S. is celebrated with LOTS of noise.

Dr. Jon even stated a cat can become so overwrought it can trigger a seizure in some. He recommends a quiet hiding spot and to never take your cat to celebrations. He also recommends music.

One point I never considered was how your cat will watch your reaction to the noise and take a cue from that. So try and remain relaxed and hopefully your cat will also be relaxed.

It’s also a good idea to bring your outside cat inside the home until the excitement is over. Many cats run away from home and get lost.

Now back to the music for cats. Apparently there are many companies now marketing CD’s they guarantee will calm a cat. I don’t know about a cat, but it works for humans. I’ve been listening to a sample while writing this article and it is calming. A mixture of harps and possibly piano. Classical would be the best word to describe it, although those involved claim it’s not classical.

Amazon offers this DVD, which includes nature videos, nature sounds and calming music:

It can be set to loop around and continuously play while you are gone. I purchased a DVD awhile back called Cat Sitter TV, which my cats LOVE as long as no one is at home. So I imagine the music for cats concept works about the same. Cat Sitter DVDHere’s the link.

Most of the websites I checked suggest the music be played at a soft level so as not to keep them awake.

Music for Cats and Friends Vol. 4This link on Amazon allows the download of songs for a small price. It’s in Mp3 form. This is how I get all of my personal music. I’d better not allow my cats to view this page on Amazon or they’ll be begging me for music.

If I could choose one music cd for my cats, it would be this one. PLEASE read this entire article. Susan Raimond has found her harp music has a calming effect on animals. She ran several experiments involving everything from groomer’s to pet clinics and the results were conclusive. Her harp music calmed the animals down. Clinics reported back to her that their kitties slept as long as the music was playing softly in the background.

I’m partial to harp music. While spending the last two weeks at Rainey Hospice House with my ex before he lost his battle with cancer, a lady would play her harp on Wednesday mornings. It’s indescribable to wake up to harp music.

For those readers who want more information on music for cats, including the different kinds available and where to order, simply Google MUSIC FOR CATS.

I realize Michael also did a blog similar to this article on cat music. Here’s the link. I hope I’ve expanded the subject just a bit.

Now for the question of the day. Have any of you purchased a CD or DVD aimed toward the cat market. Let the readers know if you’ve had success with any particular product.

I’d also love to know whether you’re friends think you’re a wee bit strange for ordering music or videos for your cat. Just curious.

Please share your thoughts on this and also any tips on how you calm your cats with fireworks exploding all around your neighborhood.

I’d like to thank my good friend Glenn Dupuis for this picture of his kitty. He does a photo of one of them every 4th of July.


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Music For Cats And July 4th Fireworks

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Jul 02, 2011
Lonely Monty during fireworks season
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

It doesn’t seem to bother Monty when the neighbors shoot off illegal fireworks in adjacent yards. Zach, a cat I sat for, was too scared of the noise to enter the rear of the house where his box was and began pooping in my living room on the carpet. The only outside noise that scares Monty is hail falling on the house. He runs under our bed for that.

But I’m sure he would hate fireworks and everything to do with them if he knew they are the reason he’s been alone so much. My husband and I work for a fireworks company. Last Friday we shot a show up north for a small town festival. It was a small show and mainly hand fired. I shot the three inch shells. It was the second time I’d actually shot in a show, not just worked set up and take down. I did better with it this time. I didn’t experience the abject terror I felt the first time. There was a lot more burning paper dropping right down on us too and the air was thick with smoke. Oddly enough, I think of Monty when I shoot– how his reaction would be to run away. My first instinct too– but you are safer near the row of guns and bent low. (Guns are fiberglass or HDPE tubes in wooden racks.) If there is a low break it will go over your head. If you are running away it would hit you. Monty would not like to see me there, next to things exploding– I am his meal ticket after all. We preload, not reload guns and we’re well trained, but there’s always a risk.

Jeff also delivers fireworks during this season since he has HAZMAT on his license. I came along this time to help unload the truck and find the stops. I was farther north than I have ever been. Up north Wisconsin is all trees and bears as far as I can tell. In Milwaukee we use “up north” to mean “not Milwaukee”– but this time I really saw the wilderness that is northern Wisconsin. My sister cared for Monty while we were away, but he still was alone a lot.

After those three long days alone Monty had two more lonely days while we helped set up the big show on Milwaukee’s lakefront. That show is not only electrically fired, it’s choreography is controlled by computer. Every shell must be placed in the correct tube and wired in correctly. We worked on barges doing set up. Through all that tedious work I thought of poor Monty all alone again.

If Monty knew what fireworks were he would hate them. Poor lonely Monty.

Jun 28, 2011
by: Elisa

I just love that picture. It gives me ideas for Christmas. I think we both need harp music to calm us.

Jun 28, 2011
Still waiting
by: glenn dupuis The picture of my Snoopey, celebrating the Fourth of July is one of my favorites of him. he looks a little dejected though because he hears the TV news and wonders along with me , whether America will be here next 4th of July and still be free.

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