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Muslim radicals throw dismembered cats into school playgrounds — 13 Comments

  1. Dear Sir
    I came across your blog which really took me by suprise as I am a practicing British Muslim and an owner of a beautiful Domestic Short Breed. We inherited Georgie as a seven month old kitten after a young woman abandoned him. We noticed Georgie would lay and eat his food which did not look right. After getting him checked out, the vet told us he had an old fractured hip as if someone had kicked him and would need an operation. My daughter paid over £1200 to carry the procedure as we felt he needed that just to carry out normal day to day activities.
    Regarding radical muslim killing cats then this is totally against our religion. When you go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia stray cats wander and live within Islam’s holiest site. Unfortunately you come across cruel people in all communities; if a muslim person is carrying out this act you can ask them “Are you following the teachings of your prophet?” see below and extract.
    Prophet Mohammed advised the people to treat their cats (pets) as a member of their family, and by this he meant to take a good care of them. Not only by words, but also with his actions he was a very good role model. These exemplary behaviors became so popular that they turned to stories in time. One of the most famous story about them is Muezza, the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite cat, recounts the call to prayer was given, and as the story goes Prophet Mohammed went to put on one of his robes, he found his cat sleeping on one of the sleeves. Rather than disturbing the cat, he cut off the sleeve and let him sleep. When he returned, Muezza awoke and bowed down to Prophet Muhammad and in return he stroked him three times.[11] It is also believed that when Prophet Muhammad gave sermons within his household he would often hold Muezza in his lap.

  2. It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that Muslims regard cats and dogs as vessels for transporting demons. With that in mind, no Muslim on Earth cares about whether or not their victim is someone’s beloved pet. They are only interested in creating chaos and fear with the intent of converting or killing all “infidels” or non-believers/conformists. Just examine how they treat their fellow humans. Not to mention that a “religion” that treats one gender as disposable property can’t be all that great. They are even taught that it is mandatory to lie, but only to non-believers. So, knowing that, why is it so shocking that cats and dogs are being used to support their agenda, aside from the fact that they are targeting children?

    • Thanks for sharing your views Bob. My knowledge of Muslims and pets is that in Pakistan they generally treat cats very poorly and in Britain they generally don’t have a cat.

  3. Oh, Hell!
    We have no problem killing any people from an underdeveloped country; so, let’s kill these most deserving ones.

  4. what these people r doing is so wrong. just like when political parties use kids 2 prove their point or further their agenda. this sort of behavior just shows how weak their position is. when any religion, person, or political party has 2 stoop 2 bullying 2 get people 2 do or think as they wish it shows their desperation & lack of humanity. its sad when things like this happen. its worse when people r more worried about adhering 2 what is the p.c. thing 2 do as opposed 2 what is the “right thing” 2 do.
    the two main political parties in my country do roughly the same thing(minus the animal cruelty…2 the best of my knowledge at least)2 push their respective agendas. its pretty depressing 2 see how far people r willing 2 go 2 prove a point or make a statement. the thought of someone doing this 2 my kitties or any of the strays n my neighborhood has brought me 2 tears. i wish there was something i could do 2 help aside from keeping an eye out 4 my neighbors, their kids, & the local pets/strays 2 make sure nothing untoward happens 2 them(as i imagine they do, or hope they would do, 4 me & mine). well, i REALLY need 2 pet, play, & hold my big kitties 4 a good long while after this article. a little bit of unconditional love is n order right about now.

    • Thaks Ed, I liked your comment. It is very true what you say. It is also bloody depressing that these radical Muslims have resorted to harming domestic cats and dogs. I think this is a first in Europe and the USA.

    • “,,, when any religion, person, or political party has 2 stoop 2 bullying 2 get people 2 do or think as they wish it shows their desperation & lack of humanity.”

      Huh. That sounds just like very last cat-advocate that uses those tactics to promote TNR and free-roaming cats. Fancy that.

      • i dont like it when ANYBODY uses those tactics, Betty, & i think animal owners should endeavor 2 keep their pets on their own property. ive had dogs wander n2 my yard & leave me presents, & when i approach certain owners i get the “theyre just an animal. they should b allowed 2 roam.” response which i firmly disagree with. ur pet, ur responsibility, ur yard, or ur leash(however u do choose 2 do it). some people disagree, but if they had poop on their walkway(with them & their kids almost stepping n it)& the owner refuses 2 take responsibility & at least clean it up, theyd eventually feel the same im sure. responsible pet owners take care of their pet, AND r effective ambassadors FOR their pet as well as others n general. if u let ur animal poo n ur neighbors yard or the sidewalk u need 2 clean it up & apologize 4 the inconvenience 2 them. if ur animal digs up my roses u SHOULD apologize & make every effort 2 keep ur pet n ur house, yard, or on a lead or something. thats called being responsible. not every pet, or cat, owner thinks their animal should b able 2 do as it pleases with impunity when other people r involved. just like i dont think every muslim eviscerates animals & puts them on school yard fences, but i dont like the ones that do. its about being responsible 4 urself, & ur family(which 4 many of us includes our pet/s). those that choose 2 b irresponsible need 2 have their animals removed from their possession so that the animal can b adopted by a responsible owner that will love & take care of him/her & their needs.this includes keeping them safe, which TO ME means keeping them close 2 home, cuz the minute they leave ur property anything can happen 2 them…anything. tis, unfortunately includes animal-napping & re-selling, among other things. they cant protect themselves against other humans(or a speeding car, motorcycle, etc)they could come n2 contact with, but we can…if they r with us or on our property. again, this is just me, & since u seem 2 b ok with not connecting ALL of the dots, Betty, i tried 2 explain this 2 u as best as i can, & why so u wont make the mistake of assuming something when u dont have any/enough relevant information about ur target audience. id also encourage u 2 find someone 2 talk 2 about ur issues with animals(&/or people) & that u get the help u need. its okay 2 have an issue or problems. everyone has them. its what we do with them that defines us. thus far all u have done is try 2 attack & agitate people 4 no real reason other than an attempt 2 b “right”. whomever invalidated u n ur past left a deep scar on u that will only b “healed” if u deal with it appropriately. thats really why ur on THIS site, isnt it? u want validation so bad that ur willing 2 get it by pissing people off, cuz sometimes negative attention is better than no attention at all, right? but thats not the appropriate way 2 deal with ur pain. seriously, dude, get some help & soon. its not too late 2 fix things.

        • “… not every pet, or cat, owner thinks their animal should b able 2 do as it pleases with impunity when other people r involved. just like i dont think every muslim eviscerates animals & puts them on school yard fences, but i dont like the ones that do.”

          Nice to know that you think that people who let their pets roam free are no better than muslims who eviscerate animals for attention for themselves. At least we’re on the same page. Watch how long your welcome here on PoC lasts with those valid beliefs of yours. LOL

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