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MUST SEE: Amazing domestic cat attack on subterranean rat — 4 Comments

  1. She was bad. Had to put a collar on her with several bells because she once snatched a baby bird out of a tree. The parent birds attacked her and I took the baby from her and put it back in the nest while the birds went after me. I spanked her good and she never did it again. I’ve never had a cat before or after her that enjoyed killing like she did and she was not feral and well fed. And all those bells on her collar pretty much stopped her killing. 🙂

    • Yep, the desire to hunt is a personal thing for cats. Some are disinterested. I had a female who only caught one mouse her entire life and she didn’t eat it. My boy cat is a massive hunter. He’ll chase anything and everything. He has just chased a young fox out of the backyard. Shame because I like that fox.

  2. I’ve found a few dead rats in my yard a whole lot bigger than the one in the video. Living in the country we have lots of them. My Calico Carmen brought a live one in the house and let it go and made me kill it. Then she brought in a baby skunk and I had to throw a towel over it and put in over the fence. My Carmen killed everything.

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