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Muted (dilute) Tortoiseshell Cat Dana — 12 Comments

  1. She reminds me of Piki in that her colours are diluted – but she looks very different. Actually she looks just like a stray cat my friend found in California.

  2. Dana is beautiful, such lovely unusual colouring, thanks for sharing her photos with us Anne and Michael 🙂

  3. Such a beauty.
    I have one that has a little more of the light tan and cream tones that almost look pink in the right light.
    Hence, her name is Pinky.

    • Dana does look a bit pink. It is a fantastic colour for a cat coat and you could see fashion designers copying it for clothes because it is so attractive and actually quite feminine (human taste) which is lucky because torties are girls.

  4. Dana is beautiful. She looks good at 17 years. Is that considered geriatric for a cat?

    I will share this picture and story with a friend who just successfully trapped and rescued a four month old kitten, living wild. She thinks it was either calico or tortoiseshell. I didn’t have a chance to see the kitten before she was went to our local no-kill, cat only shelter. My friend may have adopted her, but she was leaving on a twenty day vacation. She has a house sitter for her elderly cat who has at least seven of his nine lives spent. So sweet. He didn’t however, like having the kitten on the property.

    • Aged 17 a cat is in her mid 8os in our years, so I suppose she would be called geriatric but she certainly doesn’t look it.

      • I agree Ruth, she looks very well for her age. She has lost her jumping abilities which is to be expected and she is a bit slow etc. but her face is still pretty perky and her coat is beautifully silky and in excellent condition.

  5. What a very pretty cat, I’ve never seen one like that before and what a good age she is, Anne has obviously cared for her well. I love her pink nose, all her bright colour is concentrated in that.

    • An unusual cat coat Ruth. I think it is a relatively rare type of coat. She is a sweet cat although not easy to photograph 😉

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